A Cleanup Membership is designed for the serious bird hunter who owns and trains his own dogs, wants to guarantee that his dogs are in birds regularly and is willing to make a financial commitment to the Flying J Ranch that recognizes the work and expense needed to maintain a hunting and shooting club. In return, the Flying J Ranch provides hunters who have their own dogs the opportunity to be reasonably sure that they will see more birds on a regular basis and keep their dogs sharp for hunting wild birds at a reasonable price without the necessity of hiring a guide or entering into a hunting lease.

Cleanup Hunts will be sold following regular field hunts and Europeans. A cleanup hunt is self guided. No guides/dogs provided. Hunters clean their own birds off property. No meals are provided. (However, meals may be added with sufficient notice, based on availability.)

Morning clean up hunts may start as early as 30 minutes after official sunrise and may remain in the field until noon. Afternoon hunts will start at 1:30 and may remain in the field until 30 minutes before official sundown.

Price includes 1 cleanup credit of $150 | Regular Field Hunt Cleanup: $185 per gun

European Cleanup: $250 per gun with four gun minimum; An option may be purchased on a second cleanup following the first at $200 per gun with no minimum. The option purchaser will be informed of the harvest rates and numbers prior to being committed to payment.

All field hunts will be posted for following week on Thursday between noon and 5:00 via email and/or text message. Notice will be simultaneous to all Cleanup Hunt Members. Information will include type of birds released and number of hunters in regular hunt. No guarantees are made as to number of birds available for cleanup.

Cleanup members as a group will have first right of refusal on a first come, first served basis on cleanup hunts until noon on Friday. After noon on Friday, cleanup hunts will be made available to other members on a first come, first served basis. Cleanup Hunts will be booked via telephone only. If a member reserves a cleanup hunt and for some reason cannot make it, the cleanup hunt will be reposted. If the Hunt cannot be filled, the member scheduling the Hunt is liable for a minimum fee of $150.

All cleanup members are guaranteed two hunts per season.

10% discount on regular field hunts.

Access to all shooting sports.

A cleanup membership may be added to an individual hunting membership for $150 and an individual shooting membership may be converted to a Cleanup Membership with all shooting benefits for $200.